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The Directors of Xtreme Energy Dance - Pamela Clark, Bronwyn McEntee and Nerida Beatty, combine a wealth of knowledge and professional industry experience in dance and entertainment to share with their students.

The studio holds a strong value of care and support for every one of their students which stems back to their relationship with each other and together running the studio as a family.


All directors share a strong commitment to training and guiding students to have solid technique as well as encouraging performance skills - the cornerstones needed to create talented and happy students. At Xtreme Energy Dance students should reach their personal best in dance, and will also benefit from increased confidence and social skills.

We are very mindful of presenting students in 'age appropriate' choreography and costumes.

Pamela Clark is a highly regarded choreographer and adjudicator for dance eisteddfods and adjudicates nationally at some of the most prestigious dance eisteddfods. Pamela has many years of teaching experience at all levels.

Bronwyn McEntee and Nerida Beatty have extensive experience as industry professionals in dance and drama for both stage, screen and television. They have choreographed for many professional productions.


About us 

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